We've been in the honey business for over four decades. Our pure raw honey offers quality and flavor produced only in the hive. It is unfiltered for more taste and value, and contains all the naturally occurring antioxidants, pollen, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. One taste tells. We guarantee that no value is taken out, no cane sugar, corn sugar or anything, is ever added. Our pure raw honey is produced and packaged in the USA.

The flavor and nutritious quality of our raw honey is carefully preserved by processing it with time-honored old world techniques, unlike most packers, who use temperatures up to 160 degree Fahrenheit to pasteurize and filter, in order to avoid crystallization. We only warm our honey to under 105 degree Fahrenheit to facilitate handling.


We have six different varieties of honey: blueberry blossom, clover blossom, star thistle blossom, wild flower, buckwheat blossom, and ceylon cinnamon infused. We also have delicious comb honey.